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Useful Elephant Necklace storage advices

If your jewelry box is actually stocked full or in the event that you happen to be tired of losing jewelry because you don't have the proper storage for your earrings and elephant necklaces, you have many options to pick from when it comes to storing jewelry. To effectively keep your cosmetic and precious pieces of jewelry, you have to follow a number of suggestions to continue to keep these types of accessories organized and also totally free from harm.

Necklace Storage
By this time, you might have realized that it is not a good idea to combine all of your necklaces together because they are able to lock on each other. If this occurs, then you'll never end up being able to disentangle them without having to break or causing additional damage to the chains. To stop this from happening, necklaces should end up being hung or stored within a storage box that features separate sections on their own. If you like hanging the necklaces, that includes your cameo necklace then it is much better to hang only the wooden or plastic ones. Metal necklaces ought to end up being stored in a box to always keep them from tarnishing.

gold elephant necklace

Even a straightforward clothes hanger can be used to hang your necklaces. Nevertheless, an even more stylish and also graceful remedy might end up being to purchase necklace trees and put it your dressing table and hang your necklaces on them. There are generally numerous types of storage boxes available for sale, so the other option is to purchase one that suits your needs. A plastic storage box may allow you to see your necklaces just before you open it. Or you'll be able to purchase a wooden jewelry box that may serve dual purpose; store your jewelry and at the same time function as a vintage piece of ornament.

These tend to be extremely tiny objects which often get lost and it's constantly a pain to store these small ones. Earrings are fragile too, therefore you wish to handle them very carefully to always keep them from ruining and breaking a good pair of earrings. You are able to store earrings in smaller sized jewelry boxes to keep them safer or even hang them on trees especially made for earrings.

You shouldn't hang stud earrings as they must often be dropped straight down. Therefore they are much better kept within their original pouches or perhaps provide a box for the more costly ones, unless of course you still possess the boxes which came with them.

Exactly How to Properly Store Rings?
Rings are a little simpler to store, but they can very easily be lost also. Try not to hang rings as that will increase the chance of them becoming lost. You'll be able to put them within small jewelry boxes or it is possible to use the box they came in and place that box within your big jewelry box.

A good option to continue to keep all of jewelries safe in a single place is actually by working with a black jewelry armoire. These types of armoires are especially designed for jewelry storage and possess distinct compartments for keeping earrings, rings and other jewelry. Moreover, they have doors on side along with small hooks for the objective of hanging elephant necklaces. Some elegant armoires actually have inbuilt mirror on the top of the case.

Secure Storage
If you happen to have finer items of jewelry but do not possess a safety deposit box, then your very best option is really a jewelry box that may be locked. You are able to actually purchase a lightweight and fire-proof box to ensure that your jewelry pieces are usually safe during a fire or to very easily carry them in times of emergency.

Just unleash your imagination and keep your jewelry within an organized way so that you can find them whenever you're in a hurry and have absolutely no time for detailed dressing.

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