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How to easily store your Elephant Necklace at home

Just like the majority of jewelry collectors, you might also catch yourself questioning precisely how to prevent your elephant necklaces from tangling or keep the more compact pieces secure. Thankfully, you'll be able to locate a big selection in the market however just before purchasing one, you need to know some basic facts about the appropriate storage of particular types of jewelry.

Storing Necklaces
By this time, you may have realized that it isn't a good idea to combine your necklaces together because they are able to lock on one another. Under such circumstances it becomes very difficult to separate them without leading to any harm to the chains. The best ways to store necklaces are generally to hang them up or place them in individual compartments of a jewelry box or some type of storage system. Actually, if you decide to hang your cameo necklace, you need to hang merely the wooden and the plastic necklace. Metal necklaces may get stained hence it ought to end up being preferably placed in a jewelry box.


You can do something as simple as dangling your necklaces upon a clothes hanger. However, in the event that you want to show them on your dresser, then you might consider purchasing a necklace tree. You are able to actually think about getting storage boxes that come in different styles and patterns. A plastic storage box will enable you to see your necklaces before you open it up. Alternatively, if you prefer oriental designs, then you could find a wooden container.

Exactly How to Store Earrings?
These are generally very small objects that frequently get lost and it is always a pain to store these kinds of little ones. Earrings tend to be fragile as well, therefore you wish to handle them carefully to always keep them from ruining and breaking a good pair of earrings. You are able to possibly continue to keep them within corresponding miniature jewelry boxes or perhaps buy a tree where you'll be able to hang all of them in one spot.

You shouldn't hang stud earrings as they must typically be dropped down. On the contrary, you must store your expensive earrings within smaller pouches or bags or just you can keep them within their initial purchased box.

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Rings are generally the simplest jewelry pieces to store however, due to their size they can also get easily lost or misplaced. Don't hang the rings on the trees as which will just enhance your chance of losing them. You might continue to keep each piece inside its original packaging before placing all of them inside a much bigger jewelry box.

You are able to purchase a black jewelry armoire to store the rings, as well as other pieces of jewelry. These types of storage box come with several small drawers where it is possible to place in your rings and earrings, however they also feature side doors and hooks where you can hang elephant necklaces; various other kinds additionally possess a built-in mirror.

Secure Storage
In the event that you have fine jewelry pieces or maybe heirloom jewelry, you will wish to select a lock box to keep these kinds of items, in the event that you do not make use of a safety deposit box. You'll be able to get a fire resistant lock storage to keep your jewels safe or select a locked storage case, which you can very easily take it along with you in the event of an emergency.

You can get creative along with displaying and storing your jewelry so you can come across your pieces fairly quickly when you are in a hurry.

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